A Robust and Dependable Manufacturer of Hinges
for Pallet Collars

T.: +48 607 243 531

    +48 757 548 140

T.: +48 607 243 531

    +48 757 548 140

Hinges for collars

We are a manufacturer of hinges for collars, which thanks to their durability and functionality meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

We produce hinges for pallet collars used to secure products on pallets. The use of collars ensures that the goods transported on pallets will not fall down and will not be damaged. The use of hinges makes the extensions very space-saving and easy to install.

The most popular are wooden pallet collars. They are made of boards connected with each other by hinges. Depending on your needs, you can find extensions with four or six hinges on sale.

Angles - corners metal for wooden crates

Get to know us better and learn more about the benefits of business with METAL PIECHOWICE. Our offer that will solve many problems related to the security and transport of products.

We are a manufacturer of angles – corners metal for crates designed for transport and storage of various types of goods. Their design allows them to be conveniently lifted and moved by forklift trucks.

Their reliability results from the use of the highest quality materials. Thanks to them, the transported objects are protected and the transport process itself becomes safer. Thanks to the variety of available sizes, it is possible to secure all types of goods, from small to large ones.

Accessories for hinges and angles - corners

A competent partner for demanding customers who expect solid quality, technical innovation and solutions.

Our offer is complemented by additional accessories for hinges and angles – corners. All this makes us able to offer the right solution for every customer.

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Production department of wooden collars for pallets

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Production department of laser cutting, bach bending and robotic welding

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You can send us your question on the amount of product that interests you, and we will prepare   a valuation based on the transmitted parameters and information about the demand.

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